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No more swollen ankles
Beth Anne Cad on 05/22/2022
Well I’m so happy to say that the claims I purchased this product for are working. My ankles have not swollen since I started this supplement.
Swollen ankles GONE in days!
Deborah Septien on 06/22/2022
I started using this about a month ago. For over a year I had extremely swollen feet and legs. My left was the worst. After about four days I noticed my left foot looked normal again. Within the next few days my swelling in both was gone. This stuff is nothing short of a miracle.
High-quality product
Leslie Hopkins on 05/21/2022
My blood pressure has greatly improved since starting on the Antarctic Krill Oil. It is a wonderful product. I don’t burp it which I have other krill products in the past. There isn’t a foul odor when you open the bottle which I was worried about from past experiences with other products I won’t name. This is a very high quality product and does what it promises!
Dry eyes a non-issue now
Sonia Kelly on 05/25/2022
I was diagnosed with dry eye syndrome about three years ago and the physician prescribed a very very pricey medicine to combat the burning and dryness of the eye.
I have stopped taking the medication and I take one krill oil every evening before I go to bed and the dryness in my eyes has become a non-issue!
Joint pain relief
Michael Skalos on 05/20/2022
After 30 days of use, I’m pleased with the reduction in my joint pain.
My doctor is baffled
Daniel Moore on 05/03/2022
My labs are perfect! My Doctor is completely baffled. I feel great! I need to reorder more krill. Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!!!!!!