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I’ve lost 13 lbs!
Judith Lynch Brown on 5/19
I use Native Path MCT daily in my morning tea. It has significantly decreased hunger and cravings. I've lost 13 lbs. slowly, but effortlessly. No side effects. I have plenty of energy. I am 74. Highly Recommend!
Focused and alert all morning
Joni Hill on 5/20
This powder is amazing! I put it in my coffee every morning. I don't notice a taste, but it gives it a creamy texture. It really clears my mind and helps me concentrate. Keeps me focused and alert all morning. Will be ordering more.
No more cravings
Mary Crowley on 3/31
The Native Path MCT oil really lives up to its claims. Not only does it taste great in my morning coffee, but it also helps as an appetite suppressant.
More energy and weight loss
Pilar Schuchman on 2/27
It really boosted my metabolism and my energy. I take it at the same time that I take Collagen in the morning, before I go to work. It has helped me lose weight too!
If you’ve given up on everything else, try this.
Ethyl Sue Bigby on 05/26
I am a very fluffy diabetic. I was born fluffy. I’ve tried for years to defluff myself. Nothing worked up to now. I started adding the MCT oil powder. No diet change, in fact, I scarf down dark chocolate covered cherries like the chocoholic I am, several times...a day. This stuff will change your life. It did mine. You can add it to your morning coffee. I don’t drink coffee, so I never thought it would work in Ensure Plus, but it does. If you’ve given up on everything else, try this.